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Whether it be that the water isn’t getting warm, one of the jets stopped working or you simply have no power to the unit whatsoever, our service crew will troubleshoot for you. While some problems are more simply fixed than others, our crew has the training and experience to get to the bottom of the problem for you. Our goal is to provide you with quality hot tub service to get your tub back up and running as quickly as possible. Save yourself time, money, and stress by trusting the National Pools & Spas experts with your spa inspections and repairs. We’re here to ensure you can spend your time relaxing instead of fighting with repairs!

Our Service & Maintenance Solutions

Our team of service experts are here to help, no matter your spa service needs!

Spa Maintenance

Our service technician will test, balance, and treat the water in your hot tub, ensuring a safe and enjoyable spa experience.

Spa Repair

Is your hot tub not operating properly? Our team will inspect the spa, order parts and complete the repair in a timely manner.

Spa Service

We will perform a full inspection of your hot tub, checking for problem areas and servicing your spa as needed.


From time to time, a maintenance issue or repair isn’t so cut and dry. We will troubleshoot the issue until we find a resolution.


The Importance of Professional Service

Scheduling regular service and care for your hot tub? Our service technicians are the experts when it comes to hot tubs and spas. With years of experience in hot tub maintenance and warranty-covered repairs, our team is more than qualified to complete the necessary repairs.

We can inspect your spa to find the issue, order the hot tub parts from a trusted source, and then complete the repair in a quick and efficient manner.
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The Benefits of Using Our Services


Request Service From Our Experts

Maximize your enjoyment with help from our service experts. We’ll work hard to get it back in peak operating condition for you and your loved ones.