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Sundance® Spa Features



Where Style Meets Innovation

Sundance®️ Spas are outfitted with advanced features to provide an environment where you can nurture relationships and enhance your well-being. While the soothing hydrotherapy jets ease weary muscles, the stunning cabinetry and accent lighting will elevate your backyard. These spas, from the inside out, provide a complete experience to enhance every moment of your time at home.
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The Styles

With over 25 different cabinet and shell combinations, you can customize the entire look to your preference.

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SmartTub® System

Discover how you can enjoy the next generation of spa ownership, making it easier than ever to use and maintain your Sundance® Spa.

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Patented Fluidix® Jets

Maximize your hydrotherapy experience with jets that are designed with comfort, healing and rejuvenation in mind.


Built with You in Mind

With a history of innovation, nearly every feature you see on a spa today was originally introduced or enhanced by Sundance® Spas so you can experience ultimate relaxation. 

Our products provide an environment where you can nurture relationships and enhance your life, bringing social circles together and couples and families closer.

Built on trust and excellence, the relationship we have with our customers will always be our foundation.

Backed by personal experience, a solid reputation for reliability and the best dealer network, you can focus on distraction-free interactions with those that mean most to you.

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Fluid Dynamics Principles

Fluidix® Jets operate without bearings that can clog or parts that wear out, combining air and water to create highly refined massage sensations. Each jet is positioned to reach pressure points used in reflexology and acupressure so stress and strain can be a distant memory.

Even if you don’t know the difference between Swedish massage and Shiatsu, you’ll be enchanted by the variety of massage combinations Sundance® Spas deliver. Every Fluidix® Jet is assigned a distinct role, uniquely designed to simulate a specific massage action. Air-only jet streams feel like delicate fingers massaging soft tissues. Other jets act more like strong hands deeply kneading large muscles. Some even mimic the rapid, stimulating techniques of Eastern massage therapies.

Regardless of which Fluidix® Jet combination you call your favorite, you can get the most from your Sundance® Spa.


A modern approach to spa ownership

The exclusive Sundance®️ Spas SmartTub®️ System was designed to make maintaining your hot tub as effortless as possible. The SmartTub™️ System ensures you can easily monitor your spa’s efficiency, adjust the temperature, or even request service, all from an app on your phone. And that’s only the beginning! Sundance®️ Spas is truly making hot tub ownership easier than ever. 

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SmartTub® System Benefits


Complement Your Outdoor Oasis

Your dream hot tub is just around the corner. With over 25 different cabinet and shell combinations, you can customize the entire look to your preference. You can even match the spa to your deck, patio or installation aesthetic for an appearance that is truly complete.



Water Care Tips

We’ve perfected our water care program with you in mind. While your usage, water quality and even the weather can affect your routine, overall, our system simplifies the process, so you can truly let your cares and worries melt away in the warm waters of a Sundance® spa.



CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ harnesses the natural, safe and effective power of oxygen and light to treat the water, keeping it cleaner and safer for longer.



Visit our store to shop the complete line of water care products that support the proper foundation for balanced water in your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub.



The innovative five-stage filtration system removes particles and debris from the water, effectively preparing it for the treatment process.



The ProClear® filter works around the clock to clean and clarify the spa water, keeping the water clean even when the jets aren’t in use.


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