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While in-ground pools and above-ground pools both have their fair share of benefits, what’s really wonderful about an above-ground pool is the installation process. Quick and affordable, you’ll be enjoying the crystal-clear water before you know it. Not to mention the many installation design ideas that come along with it. Build your deck around the pool, surround a custom staircase with flowers, or divide your backyard into a series of levels and conversational areas.
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Above-ground pools are made from prefabricated components which only require us to level the ground below it to begin installing. Because of the simplicity, above-ground pools can be installed quickly and at little expense. For many with some DIY prowess, you can even install your pool by yourself.

Simple Installation

Above-ground pools offer the easiest installation of any pool type – often requiring less than a weekend to complete. If you are getting a late start this year or need your pool up and your backyard ready quickly, an above-ground pool is the way to go. If you ever want to remove your pool, disassembling is simple as well.
Easy access to major components makes having an above-ground pool great for first-time pool owners. Without underground pipes and drains to worry about, above ground pools are the easiest to troubleshoot and maintain – and when summer is over, they are also the easiest to winterize.

Why Above-Ground Pools?

Above-ground swimming pools are a popular choice for many families. Enjoy the same experience – swimming, having fun with your family and friends – for a fraction of the cost. A higher entry portal can also be an added safety feature for small children and pets. It is easy to add landscaping and other features around an above-ground swimming pool and can easily add safety rails, steps, or any further requirements that are needed to comply with city laws.

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Pool Installation Ideas

You can easily create an oasis of tranquility and style with a little bit of creativity. There are many ways that you can use landscaping to hide the external walls around your above-ground pool to turn it into a beautiful feature in your outdoor space. Transform your backyard and highlight your stunning above-ground pool by adding planters, a deck, or any other feature you can dream of. Your above-ground pool landscaping can also include a patio area, barbecue zone, and lounge-area. The sky is the limit. 

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