Swim in Style

Is your backyard missing something special, but you just can’t put your finger on it? With the right space and design elements, a swimming pool might be just what you need. We carry a wide selection of high-quality swimming pools that can help to improve your health, backyard, and lifestyle.

Built with premium materials and equipped with features that undoubtedly lead the industry in innovation, you can find confidence in knowing that your swimming pool is a lasting investment in your home. At National Pools & Spas in New Jersey, we proudly carry concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and above-ground swimming pools.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass is a composite material of plastic and glass fibers woven into sheets to create a durable but flexible surface. It is molded, rather than extruded, so the liner would be prefabricated and then sunk into the surround.

This means that it has a little less flexibility than either vinyl or concrete, but it combines the long-lasting rigidity of concrete with the comparatively low maintenance of vinyl. A good quality fiberglass pool may only need resurfaced every 20-30 years, compared to the 5-9 years for vinyl liners or 10 years for concrete pools. Like vinyl, fiberglass is nonporous and algae-resistant, requiring less chemical treatment and cleaning.

Concrete Pools

There’s a reason why concrete is one of the most popular construction materials of the 20th and 21st centuries. Concrete pools are simple, flexible, durable, and can be surprisingly attractive. Far from being a modern invention, concrete dates back to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, making possible many of their most ambitious buildings. Now, concrete technology has been perfected to allow incredibly smooth aggregate and cement mixes to be poured to fit any shape your imagination can conceive of. Steel rods are used to create an underlying structure, while the interior is then sprayed with fine shotcrete or gunite.

For a lasting investment in your backyard that brings beauty and style, contact our experts at National Pools & Spas today.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) is probably the second most flexible material from which to build your pool. It is a nonporous plastic polymer, meaning that it does not let in liquids and hence does not easily cause mold or algae growth. Vinyl can be shaped to fit any design. It’s tough enough to be used in a conveniently thin liner, making it an inexpensive option. Vinyl liners can come in a wide range of styles, patterns, and colors, so can be readily coordinated with other aspects of your garden design. Easy to keep clean, vinyl pools generally require less chemical treatment than the concrete option.

Above-Ground Pools

Since an above-ground pool doesn’t involve digging out an area in your backyard, they are considerably easier and quicker to install. If you have small children, they are also much easier to gate off to prevent access. Their filters and pumps tend to be far more easily accessible, saving you maintenance costs. However, above-ground pool options are limited in style and design, often not add significant value to your property unless a surround is added or you opt for a half-in half-out installation. The most affordable of all the swimming pool options, an above-ground pool can offer you many of the same benefits of a concrete or fiberglass pool, but with half the work.


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