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Healing Waters

Premium Pool Maintenance

We stock premium products to help you expertly maintain your pool, or hot tub, keeping your water clean, clear, and safe to enjoy. With products to support both chlorine and saltwater systems, our staff is here to help you find the right mix of products to ensure your family enjoys everything your outdoor oasis has to offer. All of our locations also stock a variety of pool and spa accessories to elevate your time in the water, from pool and spa covers to toys and games, or goggles. Our parts department can also help with your filters, tablet dispensers, pumps, and other equipment, like skimmers and vacuums. You’ll find everything you need through our doors. 


Water Care

At National pools we offer the highest quality of chlorine and non-chlorine based products available.


Our chlorine tablets work twice as well as others. Wrapped individually with 99% active ingredients, you'll discover cleaner water with less work. Beyond clean water, you'll enjoy prolonged equipment life, reduced downtime, and a gentler pool or spa experience.

Salt System

Low on maintenance, high on comfort – Our salt system by Pentair uses salt to produce all the chlorine you pool needs. It provides the same sanitation as chlorine without the drawbacks of PH fluctuation, itchy eyes and skin, and overall equipment degradation.

Alternative Spa Chemicals

Bromine has been the standard for spa sanitation and is similar to Chlorine for your spa. We also offer Revacil, Aqua finesse and Nature 2 products to keep your spa clean and clear. The Nature 2 and Aqua finesse programs offer you a way to maintain your spa with as little as 5 minutes a month.

Parts, Equipment & Accessories

Whether you need to replace a part for your pool or spa or simply want to enhance your time in the water with quality accessories, our experts at National Pools & Spas are here to help you find it all. In our showrooms, you’ll find an array of products to keep your pool and spa running smoothly, while ensuring every moment in the water is pure bliss.

Equipment & Gear

Visit any of our stores to see our selection of vacuums, skimmers, filters, pump baskets, safety covers, tablet dispensers and other equipment to keep your pool or spa clean.

Fun & Accessories

Bring the whole family and pick up some games, toys, rafts, goggles, masks, fins and more to ensure you enjoy your pool all summer long.

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Pentair Pool Solutions

Craft your ideal pool or spa with our water filtration, cleaning, and conditioning solutions for the ultimate aquatic enjoyment. Pentair pool pumps and automation systems offer convenient control, while our lighting and heating options elevate your backyard’s ambiance under the starry night sky. We transform pool areas into personalized paradises.


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