Pool Renovations in New Jersey

Vinyl Pool Renovation

Does your aging vinyl pool need a makeover? Would you like to add stairs and seats to further enjoy the comfort of your pool? What about a new lighting system to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the pool?

National Pools & Spas can help.

We provide complete in-ground vinyl liner renovation services that go beyond simply changing out the liner. Our services can transform the whole look and feel of your pool, whether you need an update to your walls, revamped coping, a brand-new filter system, or lighting system repair. Highlighted by the state-of-the-art advances in technology, our systems and techniques are among the best you’ll find in all of New Jersey. If the outdated pattern on your liner has seen better days due to fading and staining, now is a great time to invest in the transformation of your vinyl pool. Not to mention that our team is proficient in liner replacement, guaranteeing no leaks or wrinkles in the finished product. You’ll boost the value of your whole property and revolutionize how you use your outdoor living space, all with the rejuvenation of your existing vinyl pool.

Our Process

Our vinyl pool renovation process will be complete in a few simple steps. First, we take measurements to ensure an exact fit, then we remove the old liner and get rid of it for you. Our team will then brush the walls, pressure test the lines and apply sand cement pool mix to the bottom of the pool. Lastly, we install your brand new liner for a successful, timely and flawless liner renovation project. Any other renovation tasks that you require will also be completed during this time, from LED lights and heat pumps, to skimmers, concrete decks and more.

Why Choose Us?

When you put your trust in our skilled team of pool professionals, you can enjoy a peace of mind that the job will be completed quickly, efficiently and in a way that meets, if not exceeds, your standards. We take the time to communicate fully with all our customers on every job we do. We know that you and your family are eager to enjoy your pool once again, which is why we do our best to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and downtime is minimal. Here are a few reasons why you should choose National Pools & Spas for your vinyl pool renovation project:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Complete liner replacement
  • New equipment installation
  • Liner repairs
  • New skimmers
  • Concrete deck removal and replacement
  • Addition of water features, such as waterfalls and fountains
  • Installation of pool equipment and filter system upgrades
  • Heat pump installation
  • Full cleaning services
  • Stair installation
  • LED lighting installation
  • Experienced team of professionals
  • Timely work
  • Affordable rates

Come visit our showroom or website to view our many beautiful styles and patterns of liners. It’s time to transform your outdoor living space and vinyl pool installation with National Pools & Spas!


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