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When To Replace Your Pool Liner – Best Pool Liner Replacement Time


With summer approaching, you may be starting to inspect the state of your pool, wondering how winter treated it. 

Hopefully, you covered it properly in the fall and no debris fell into the pool, causing rips. Rips and tears lead to leaks, which necessitate in many cases a new liner.

So, when is the best time of year to replace your pool liner? It’s not when you may think.

Best Pool Liner Deals

Just like buying a grill in winter or a snowblower in summer will give you the best prices, the same principle applies to pool liners. It’s best to buy these things when they are NOT In demand.

If you wait till summer, the price goes up, and good luck trying to find someone to come out on your timetable to replace the liner in the dog days of summer.

Thus, the best time to contact your pool company is in late winter. They may not be able to actually replace the pool liner until spring, what with all the snow and the fact that your pool is covered. But at least you can book the appointment and get in before everyone else.

You should at least order it early, preferably in February. This is a time when pool liner installers are not very busy.

They may have gone through all their funds from the previous lucrative summer and are facing empty bank accounts right about now.

You have a bargaining chip: in addition to lower installation or liner prices, you can also ask for perks, such as free water storage or a few hundred dollars off the job. You will more likely be able to get your wishes met now than in June.

Even better if you can pay in cash, or put down a large initial deposit. Your pool installer will be eager to sign a contract and get a few jobs under his belt as spring approaches.

Best Pool Liner Time

While you may have booked your vinyl liner replacement, you should really wait until the days are sunny and warmer, usually over 70 degrees. This usually happens in April into May.

If your pool is already empty, get as early a date as you can. If your pool still has water in it, get a later installation appointment.

Most pool installers start their vinyl liner replacement jobs in April. That’s because it’s warm enough to set up the vacuums, seal the pool frame and achieve the best liner adhesion.

If you can’t get an early install due to cold or rainy weather, your next best bet is to get it done right before pool season, in May or early June. If it’s timed right, you can get your new liner replaced just in time for your family to use it as the weather turns hot.

The earlier you install your liner, the better. It takes a few days to a week in the off-season but up to three weeks for the job to be done at the height of the season.


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