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Soak your way to a better lifestyle with help from Marquis® Spas. This industry-leading hot tub brand has made its mark with a build and design that is geared toward an unbeatable performance. The materials are durable, the technology is advanced, and the features and truly out of this world. If you can picture the perfect hot tub experience, Marquis® Spas can bring it to life and then continue to exceed your expectations. If spending time with family and friends while improving your health and wellness is your goal, Marquis® Spas is here to help you achieve it.

With the Marquis® Spas brand, everything you could ask for in a hot tub can be found in one beautifully-designed package. No matter your backyard layout, family size or budget, we can help you find the right hot tub for your lifestyle. Simply filter by seats, jets or price to begin.

Why Marquis® Hot Tubs?

As a modern consumer, you’re likely aware that there are many hot tub brands to choose from. Here at National Pools & Spas, our goal is to help you find the right hot tub for your lifestyle. With Marquis® Spas, that’s easier for us to do than ever before. Each model is equipped with must-have features that complete the ultimate spa experience, along with a design built for comfort and style.

Marquis® Spas Features:

  1. Optional high-grade audio systems
  2. Comfortable and ergonomic seating
  3. Powerful hydrotherapy jets
  4. Full-foam insulation
  5. Advanced filtration and circulation
  6. Exterior and interior LED lighting
  7. Stainless steel jet faces
  8. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity


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