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How to Create a Private Backyard Space – 4 Best Ideas


One of the best things you can have in your home or backyard is a hot tub or a pool. They are helpful in creating a relaxing atmosphere and aiding you in a healthy lifestyle.

If your hot tub is outdoors, however, you may receive some company and guests you were not prepared for. To keep leaves and pests out of your hot tub, consider investing in a hot tub cover.

If you want to increase the privacy of your outdoor pool or hot tub, here are some great ideas!

Private Backyard Ideas

Create a Hedge

Creating a hedge around your outdoor hot tub or pool is a great way to bring some privacy into your backyard space. Hedges, if started from small bushes or trees can take a while to grow into the privacy barrier you would like.

If your budget will allow it, consider investing in larger trees and shrubs that would be offered at a nursery. This natural barrier will not only offer you privacy from prying eyes but will also offer a shady place to relax.

Fence the Fun

Another way to add some privacy to your backyard is to build a fence. This project is one that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

There are many different styles of building materials to encompass your personal style. Fences are often quicker to implement than a hedge and will require less care and maintenance.

If you have a furry family friend that likes to wander, a fence will let them roam safely.

Garden Trellis

A garden trellis is a great way to double down on your backyard’s functionality. A trellis will offer some privacy from the outside world. It can also be used as a support for any plants that climb. Beans, peas, and tomatoes are all great vegetable items to plant by your trellis.

This allows you to enjoy privacy, as well as your own personal fresh food stand. A trellis is not as permanent as a fence and can easily be relocated year to year.

Bring in Some Noise

If you want to ensure that your private conversations stay private, consider adding in an outdoor stereo system. These systems can be wirelessly controlled by your phone and are a great way to add in some atmosphere as well as privacy.

When not in use, or in poor weather, these systems can be moved indoors and enjoyed. Just make sure to keep the music at a reasonable level, to keep visits from police and neighbors at none.

National Pools and Spas

If keeping your backyard private is on your to-do list this year, consider speaking to a pool expert. At National Pools and Spas, with three locations in New Jersey, we are excited to help.

Our showroom offers a wide variety of pools, hot tubs, swim spas, and backyard accessories, including the best hot tub prices.

For more ideas on how to dress up or increase the privacy of your yard, reach out to our team of experts. To browse more outdoor hot tub installation ideas, take a look at our blog and or visit your nearest hot tub store.


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