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6 Best Tips For Selecting Your Fiberglass Pool


If you’ve made the decision to purchase a fiberglass pool for your New Jersey yard, congratulations.

It’s a great choice because it’s affordable, versatile, and durable giving you many years of lasting service.

First, determine the intended use. From water sports with the kids to laps to relaxation, there are many different reasons why you would want a fiberglass pool.

If water sports are your things, such as volleyball, basketball, and rousing games of Marco Polo, steer clear of an eight-foot deep end unless your pool will be 60 feet long.

With a deep end of that size, you’ll need it to be at least 13’ in length, with the ramp from the deep end to the shallow end being an additional 13’ or more. For a pool that’s 40’ long, that means you’ve taken up 26’ with diving space.

That gives you just 13’ to 14’ of space in which to play. That’s not much if you’re really into splashing and playing with your family.

If your kids love to dive, then by all means, go with a longer and deeper pool. If you love to do laps for exercise, get a fiberglass pool with a designated swim lane and no benches or stairs that can get in the way.

The resulting fiberglass pool should be at least 35’ or longer. A small pool is just fine if all you’re going to be doing is relaxing.

6 Tips For Selecting Fiberglass Pool

1. Volleyball pool

This should be a rectangular pool 16×36 with a deep end no deeper than five feet.

Don’t go any smaller than 14×28. It would be ideal if the five-foot depth was in the middle of the pool, with a V-bottom design.  

Just be aware that the pool won’t be of much use for anything other than this sport.

2. Games

If you love to play Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows, Basketball, Hide and Seek, and Chicken Fights, again go with a rectangular pool with a five-foot deep end.

This will afford you the largest swim space, plus the extra depth at the deep end is just enough but not too much that you can’t touch the bottom.

Go for a size about 15×30. Consider adding benches to these types of pools, which gives an added layer of fun to games where you can climb and jump.

3. Lap Pool

The best fiberglass pool for kicks and spins is one that is about 30 to 40 feet long. Choose a pool with a clearly defined swim lane with no steps or benches that can obstruct your lap routine.

If all you’re really looking for is a touch-and-turn, you just need a 30-foot pool.

4. Swimming in Place

Try a jet system pool that offers resistance to your movements for the best workout possible.

5. Diving

Go with a 16×40 with an eight-foot deep end. For diving, you need at least eight feet to stay up to code and to dive safely. A rounded deep end is better than a rectangle due to fewer structural issues.

6. Family Fun

If you just want to entertain your family and friends with slides and jumps, take a look at this suggested guideline:

  • 3 to 4 people: 14×28 and higher, in any shape
  • 4 to 6 people: Go with at least 15×30 with any shape
  • 6 or more people: 15×35 with any shape

One side note: in order to install a slide, you need to have at least three feet of water depth and 12 feet of width.

Ready To Install a Fiberglass Pool?

We can go over these and more guidelines when we come out for a consultation. 


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