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The Top 10+ Swimming Pool Accessories For This Summer


Having your own pool for use in your backyard is a definite bonus when the warm weather arrives.

A pool can lead to hours of fun and irreplaceable memories made with friends and family that last for years to come.

Keeping your pool clean and fresh is invaluable in order to have a safe experience and to be able to use your pool any time you want.

Whether you have a fiberglass pool, a concrete pool, a vinyl pool, or a beautiful above-ground pool, stocking the right equipment is essential.

What should you have on hand? We’ve compiled a list of the best swimming pool accessories to help keep the fun front and center this summer!

Swimming Pool Accessories

1. Pool Floats

Enjoy relaxing on the water’s surface in a comfortable pool float made precisely for hazy summer days.

From pizzas to peacocks, popsicles and more, pool floats now come in just about every shape you can imagine. Get one for each member of the family!

Stop by one of our stores in person and choose from our selection of pool toys, rafts, goggles, and more!

2. Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Party and play to your favorite music all day without worrying about getting your hardware wet. A floating Bluetooth speaker is not just splash-proof or water resistant, but it can be fully submerged and survive to tell the tale.

Floating Bluetooth speakers sit in your pool and bob on the water’s surface. Pair the device with your smartphone, computer or tablet in just seconds and adjust the sound easily at arm’s length without getting out of the water.

3. Water Guns

Water guns bring play in the pool to a new level! Stock up on smaller, pistol-sized water guns and go big with water blasters, soakers, and water bombs.

A quick refill can be done by dunking the toy in the pool and drawing back the handle to suck the water in. Compact and easy to store, water guns add excitement they’ll love.

4. Life Jackets

Always a must around a pool, having life jackets of all sizes ensures everyone who needs one can stay safe in the water while having fun.

5. Patio Table

A large patio table provides a space for an outdoor lunch, snacks, drinks, dinner and more! Get one to match your outdoor decor and create a full-use space around your pool.

Swimming Pool Equipment

6. Vacuum

With a pool vacuum, you can enjoy a pool that’s free from debris, dirt, and any signs of unwanted algae. Some pool vacuums are hand-held, and others can be programmed to do the work for you.

Vacuuming your pool at least once per week can help reduce your need for pool chemicals and provide an optimal swimming environment.

7. Garden Hose

Hosing down your pool deck can help keep leaves, grass, and other debris from entering your pool and causing build-up. A garden hose can also be useful for emptying your pool at the end of the season.

If you don’t have a pool pump, you can drain your pool using a garden hose, making the job easier.

8. Power Washer

A power washer can also help you keep your pool and patio clean. Power away dirt when opening for the season or for the first time ever with high pressure water mixed with detergent.

Apply the detergent first and then hose it off before it dries, working towards the pool’s drain.

9. Pool Cover

A quality pool cover can do a few things. A cover can help conserve the water in your pool and result in the need to add from 30% to 50% less make-up water over time.

This can in turn reduce the amount of chemicals your pool may consume, resulting in extra savings. Finally, a cover placed at night will help keep leaves and dirt from falling in, as well as the occasional small animal.

10. Pole and Skimmer Net

A pool pole is a versatile tool you want to have on deck. A pole with a universal handle can be easily attached to a number of devices such as pool brushes, leaf rakes, and a skimmer net.

Together, a pool pole and skimmer net can allow you to easily collect leaves and other debris floating on the top of the water. You can even use these to pull in forgotten devices and toys like that Bluetooth speaker listed above!

Swimming Pool Supplies

11. Test Strips

Having test strips on hand allows you to quickly test the pH level of your pool water, as well as its calcium hardness, and alkalinity. Making sure your water is properly formulated keeps your pool in optimal swimming condition.

12. Chlorine

Kill germs in one go with the right amount of chlorine in your water.  Keeping extra chlorine in your pool storage means you always have enough to render your pool safe for swimming.

13. Pool Shock

As a stronger chemical than chlorine, pool shock is also often used after swimming is done for the day, in the evening. This product removes excess swimming waste and bacteria, as well as chloramines.

Using pool shock after a day of heavy usage can be an ideal way to restore a healthy balance to your pool for the next day.

14. Clarifiers

Cleaning the fine debris out of your pool is made easier with water clarifiers that cause small particles to combine into larger ones. This makes them easier to remove through your pool’s filtration system for the clearest water possible.

Get The Best Swimming Pool Accessories

Summer swimming can be an amazing time for fun! Keep your pool safe and welcoming by stocking the best swimming pool accessories on the market.

At National Pools and Spas, we have a full selection of the highest quality pool maintenance products, swimming pool accessories, supplies, and equipment to ensure your water stays clear and safe, and your friends and family are actively engaged.

To shop a full selection of pool covers, pool toys, games, masks, and rafts, drop by our three locations in New Jersey today. We’re happy to help with your pool needs and have trained staff on hand to answer your questions. It’s time to dive in!


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