Swim Spa For Back Pain – How It Can Ease Your Back Pain

If you’re looking for a way to ease back pain naturally, a swim spa could be just what the doctor ordered.

Better than a swimming pool or a hot tub for treating what ails you, a swim spa gives you the best that both have to offer: the amazing fitness opportunities of a pool and the heated hydromassage of a hot tub.

In this article, we discuss exactly how a swim spa can help to ease your back pain and help you better utilize your spa.

Who Can Benefit From Hydrotherapy?

No matter why your back hurts, hydrotherapy can bring a lot of relief. Also known as water immersion, hydrotherapy is a practice that’s been used for healing for thousands of years.

In fact, the Arthritis Foundation bills it as one of the best ways to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain.

1. Those with Arthritis

Hydrotherapy reduces pressure on your joints while the buoyancy of the water supports your limbs.

The heated jet massage increases blood flow through the body, lessening tension, swelling, and inflammation.

2. Those with Back Pain or Sciatica Issues

As you enjoy the heated massage offered by your spa, your muscles will become more pliable, giving you a greater range of motion.

This is an ideal time to try some stretches that can help rid your body of stiffness.

3. Those Recovering From a Back Injury

If you’re dealing with a back injury, other parts of your body are likely picking up the slack for your injured area. That can put a lot of stress on your muscles and tendons because they work harder than normal.

Regular spa use can ease stiffness and back pain in overworked muscles while sending healing blood flow to your injured back.

4. Those With Muscle Tension

If you’re under a lot of stress it can be a real pain in the neck — and the back. All too often, stress causes your body to tighten up, resulting in back pain.

Exercising and receiving a heated massage can both do wonders for your discomfort.

How Hydrotherapy Works

Relaxing in the heated water in the hot tub section of your swim spa increases blood circulation to injured muscles and joints.

That’s key because increased blood flow can ease muscle spasms and decrease swelling and inflammation. If pain is limiting your flexibility and movement, your spa can help with that too.

The heated water and jet massage warm and loosen your muscles making it an ideal time to stretch. This not only rids your body of tension but can grant you a better range of motion.

As an added bonus, pain relief often goes beyond the actual period of water immersion, making your swim spa a good way to help manage your back pain issues.

How Water Exercise Helps

Exercising in your swim spa is a very effective way to add some fitness to your day.

Whether you choose to swim laps in place, do some rowing, or do other water exercises, the water shields your body from impact while the water carries the majority of your weight.

It’s an ideal and low-risk way to get moving — but make sure you have your doctor’s approval first.

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