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5 Things to Prepare Before Your Hot Tub is Installed


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hot tubs are on backorder everywhere. However, we truly believe our hot tubs are worth the wait. You can take the few extra weeks that you are waiting to get everything prepared for the day your new hot tub arrives.

This is the perfect time to make sure you and your yard are ready when installation day comes.

Here we have compiled a list for you of 5 things you can do to prepare yourself while waiting for your hot tub to be installed.

1. Find the Perfect Location

When installing a spa, you want to make sure there is plenty of room for installation, hot tub maintenance, and your accessories. You need to find an area with level ground and make sure it is close enough to a water source, but far enough away from electrical sources. Having storage for accessories and supplies can be helpful, too.

If this isn’t your first spa, our spa removal team will utilize the wait time to get rid of the old spa to make space for the new one. This wait time can also be used for any other backyard updates that are best completed without a hot tub in the space.

For instance:

  • Revamping your landscape design

  • Changing the layout of your backyard

  • Replacing a deck or patio area

  • Adding a new fence or privacy screen

How will you use the time wisely while waiting for your spa to arrive?

2. Illuminate Your Space

You will want to make sure you can see clearly when you are enjoying your new hot tub, especially for getting in and out safely. Having proper lighting so you don’t slip and fall is an important piece to take care of ahead of time.

3. Stock-Up on Supplies

Once our spa service specialist installs your hot tub, you will want to jump right in. This is the perfect time to make sure you have swimsuits and towels on hand. Make sure there is a path to the house protected with a non-slip mat.

4. Be Ready to Maintain Your Hot Tub

You have already picked out the spa you want to be installed, use the time when you’re waiting to make sure you have everything you need to maintain your hot tub. This can include cleaning kits and accessories like hot tub caddies and towel warmers.

Familiarize yourself with the hot tub manual. Since you have some time to get ahead, read through the manual so you know how to work the hot tub properly and won’t have to spend all that time reading when it’s finally there.

5. Landscaping, Decor & More!

Before your spa is set up, do some landscaping and add décor – your backyard oasis won’t be complete without it. You may also want to consider a high fence or tall bushes to add a little privacy.

Adding a fire pit or BBQ is another way to add a great look to your backyard and will complement the hot tub well. You and your family will never want to leave!Some landscape design ideas that you may want to consider can include:

  • Walkway or patio stones from the house to your spa

  • Updated grass or garden areas

  • Exterior lighting, such as in-ground lights, string lights, fence lighting or stair lighting

How will you update your landscape design?

National Pools & Spas

Waiting for your spa doesn’t have to be a frustrating situation. Take this time to prepare yourself for the best addition you can make to your home. Once it is installed you won’t want to spend time doing anything else.

Whether you are waiting for hot tub delivery, shopping for your first-ever spa or looking to spruce up an existing backyard installation, our experts at National Pools & Spas in New Jersey are here to help.

We have three showrooms to meet all your hot tub, swimming pool and swim spa needs, in Robbinsville, Hillsborough and Lawrenceville. Contact us today for more information or visit our blog.


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