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How To Incorporate Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Into A Busy Routine


In these fast-paced times, it has become more important than ever to take time for yourself. Hectic schedules, stress from work, and even family commitments can leave you feeling drained and lacking energy.

This lack of energy can lead to enjoying less of your day and dreading working on your to-do list. Your outdoor hot tub can offer you some time to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with the help of hot tub hydrotherapy.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is using water to relax the body and mind. This technique has been in use for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures, including Greek, Japanese, and Romans, enjoyed using water as a method of relaxation. Hot tubs are an incredible way to incorporate some hydrotherapy into your self-care routine.

The heat of the water helps to soothe aching muscles and joint pain. When used in tandem with your hot tub jets, you can experience a massage, helping to release muscle knots, increasing your range of motion, and decreasing pain.

The heat of the water also has added benefits. The heat stimulates blood flow throughout the body and can help users to improve their blood pressure.

If you love to work out and challenge your body, but hate stretching afterwards, a cold cycle hydrotherapy session may be just what you need.

Completed in your own outdoor hot tub this therapy stimulates your metabolism and will help you to avoid any post-workout discomfort.

Exercise in the Water

Make the most of your next hot tub session by exercising in the water, rather than the gym. If heading to a local spin or yoga class is keeping you from some much-needed hot tub hydrotherapy, mixing the two is your best solution.

Some ideas of activities to complete in your hot tub would be gentle aerobics, building muscle while working against the water, and yoga, as the buoyancy will help you to move and stretch more comfortably.

These easy movements completed in water can take some stress off your joints and allow your body to recover while exercising.

Break Through the Busy

If you keep using your busy lifestyle as a reason to put off hydrotherapy, it is time to rethink your schedule.

To revive body and mind, you need only five to ten minutes of hot tub hydrotherapy, although more can be completed. In an effort to achieve this, think of ways that your schedule could be altered.

For example, consider inviting your kids to join you and making it a family affair. If you are looking for some time just for yourself, maybe after work or before school is the ideal time. Short sessions of hot tub hydrotherapy are easy to fit in your hot tub.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy at National Pools & Spas

At National Pools in New Jersey, we have a wide selection of some of the best hot tubs on the market. This offering, coupled with our friendly, informative staff, makes incorporating hot tub hydrotherapy easy and inviting.

With stores in Robbinsville, Hillsborough, and Lawrenceville, we are always here to help. Our blog is always open as well and boasts some great ideas for your hot tub, swimming pool, or swim spa.


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