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7 Exceptional Large Hot Tubs to Socialize in Comfort (2024)


Rain or shine, summer or winter, every day is hot tub season, and if you’re in the market for blissful backyard relaxation for the whole family, you’ve come to the right place!

Large hot tubs have become a beloved element in backyards across the world, bringing families together and providing years of quality hydrotherapy.

At National Pools, we’re on a mission to bring luxury hydrotherapy to backyards across New Jersey, and large hot tubs have become a popular go-to for members of our communities.

Whether you’ve been curious about some of the top large hot tubs on the market, or are looking to upgrade your smaller model for one that’ll accommodate your growing family, keep reading!

Below, we’re diving into seven stunning models from two leading brands in the industry, highlighting some of the unique features they offer that are sure to blow you out of the water!

Ready to take the plunge? Let the discovery begin!

Top Large Hot Tub From Sundance®️ Spas

Sundance®️ Spas has become a world-renowned brand, with over 40 years in the industry.

With a wide range of models fit for every lifestyle and an incredible list of innovations through the years, it’s no surprise this brand has become a favorite.

With captivating cabinetry, high-end features, and various styles of jets, each providing a unique experience, these spas are sure to have you craving your new evening routine.

Let’s explore some of the features that helped this brand make its mark, and discover four models that you won’t want to leave off your list of potentials.

Notable Features of Sundance®️ Spas

Over the last 40+ years, Sundance®️ Spas has grown and advanced alongside modern technology, creating innovative systems that have transformed what you can expect from a spa.

Here are some of our favorite features this brand offers:

  • Silent Air®️ Injector Jets:

Exclusive to the 880™️ and 980™️ Series models, the Silent Air®️ Injector Jets send a gentle flow of bubbles across your skin for a feather-light touch that’ll leave muscles completely relaxed.

  • SunScents®️ Aromatherapy:

Integrated with the Silent Air®️ Injector Jets is built-in aromatherapy technology, filling those delicate bubbles with the aromatic of your choice to surround you with the powerful benefits of aromatherapy as you soak.

  • The SmartTub®️ System:

Controlling your spa will never be easier when you include the optional SmartTub®️ System, available on nearly all Sundance®️ Spa models.

From changing the temperature and monitoring energy usage to notifying your dealer of repairs, you can do it all from your phone.

  • CLEARRAY®️ UV-C Technology:

Using the same technology found in hospitals and water treatment plants, the CLEARRAY®️ water management system combines UV-C light and oxygen to kill bacteria with fewer treatment products.

To learn more about the many ways Sundance®️ Spas has grown over the years to provide an unmatched experience, watch this short video:

Now that we’ve gotten you thoroughly excited about everything this brand has to offer, let’s dive into four of their large hot tubs that are sure to meet your every need.

The Aspen®️ Spa

The largest model offered by the brand, the Aspen®️ hot tub (featured above) boasts seating for eight and a variety of seat styles to meet your needs even as they change day to day.

While the unique bench seat for two creates an intimate atmosphere for you to enjoy a hand-in-hand massage with your closest loved one, the four deep-set corner seats will cradle your body for a premium therapeutic massage.

Three of the four corner seats offer a full-body massage, boasting a mix of jets to target your neck, shoulders, back, and legs, while the center foot dome massages your weary feet.

Struggle with carpal tunnel? Two of these seats also include pin-pointed jets to treat your aching wrists to a 5-star hydromassage.

Featuring the CLEARRAY®️ water management system and SunScents®️ technology, every element of the Aspen®️ spa comes together to effortlessly transform your time at home!

The Chelsee®️ Hot Tub

Get ready to throw an epic hot tub party for six of your closest friends, with the Chelsee®️ spa!

This seven seater hot tub is the perfect place to entertain your loved ones, featuring a spacious interior with an open seating design.

Enjoy a soothing foot massage from every corner seat from the jet-lined foot dome, and six different massages based on your seating choice.

Melt stress away with a wide collection of Fluidex®️ Jets, or settle into the series -exclusive SMT Seat for a rejuvenating hydrotherapy session you’ll never want to end.

For a deep tissue massage, sink into the Accu-Pressure seat, allowing the weight to lift off your joints as powerful jets work aching muscles into submission.

With the Chelsee®️ hot tub, you’ll discover a therapeutic experience you’ll love including in your busy schedule.

The Kingston™️ Model

If you’re seeking a spa that truly has it all, look no further than the Kingston™️ spa.

This spacious hot tub boasts a unique design that truly stands out from the crowd, with the rhythmic texture of the cabinetry, corner accented lights, and a built-in cold storage area.

The SunCooler™️ Cold Storage will keep drinks frosty, while you enjoy an evening of engaging conversation beneath the crystal-clear depths of your spa.

With the complete experience in mind, this is one of two models that come standard with the SmartTub®️ System, ensuring you have complete control from day one.

With spacious seating and multi-colored LED lighting, you’ll discover an elevated experience after dark, as your water is set aglow, enhancing your session with the power of chromotherapy.

The Kingston™️ model is truly a socialite’s dream, its welcoming interior perfectly suited for crowds and couples alike!

The Maxxus™️ Spa

We couldn’t end this section without including a model that features lounge seating, and the Maxxus™️ spa was just the one to add!

This stunning six-person hot tub has something for everyone, ensuring a premium experience for everyone you invite into the water.

While every muscle from your neck to your toes is treated to a premium hydromassage in the lounger, the Silent Air®️ Injector Jets and SunScents®️ technology will leave bubbles of soothing aromatherapy bursting at the water’s surface.

To amplify the ambiance of your sessions, this spa includes dual waterfalls along one side, sending water cascading over your shoulders, washing away tension.

The Maxxus™️ hot tub is sure to meet your every demand, with various therapeutic seats, a spacious interior, and a wide array of premium features for effortlessly clear water.

For an all-in-one experience, this 880™️ Series spa is the one to pick.

crown collection marquis spas

The Best Marquis®️ Large Hot Tubs

Another brand that’s been making its mark on the industry for over 40 years is Marquis®️, a hot tub brand that’s creating personalized experiences to effortlessly meet your changing needs day to day.

With a variety of models at appealing price points, these spas have become a coveted backyard addition across the globe, and with their unique features, it’s easy to understand why.

Notable Marquis®️ Features

Marquis®️ spas come equipped with a variety of features, with each collection featuring a standard set that can be paired with optional upgrades.

Here are some features that have helped this brand become a top contender:

  • ControlMySpa™️ App:

Take control of your spa from afar with this innovative app. From setting filtration schedules and controlling pumps and lighting, this feature is perfect for vacation homes and backyard spas alike.

  • MicroSilk®️:

Through the use of microbubbles, the MicroSilk®️ system creates a cloud of minuscule bubbles that caress your skin, surrounding your whole body with oxygen-rich bubbles that hydrate and moisturize your skin as you soak.

  • High-Flow Therapy:

This system focuses on providing the perfect amount of water and pressure to each of your muscles for a premium deep-tissue massage without any discomfort.

  • ConstantClean™️:

This multistage filtration system leaves water effortlessly clean and can be scheduled for up to four to six weeks, taking the work out of your spa care.

Learn more about this system in this short video:

The Summit

Just looking at this seven-person hot tub, it’s clear you’re in for a treat every time you step into the Summit’s welcoming depths.

Featuring three upright lounge seats along one side of the interior, you’ll discover a whole new way to treat aching muscles.

Throughout this spa, you’ll notice seats are outfitted with various styles of jets, with some boating a stunning blue or red ring.

These multi-touch jets ensure you can effortlessly customize your massage, providing varying levels of pressure to match your needs on any given day.

From the deep tissue massage seat and Shiatsu massage seat to the Swedish massage seat, this hot tub truly offers the ultimate flexible soaking environment.

Whether you’re sharing with family and friends or slowing down your evening with a moment of quiet self-care, the Summit hot tub can do it all!

The Woodstock Elite

If you’re looking for a hot tub with a spacious interior, dual loungers, and seven different massage experiences, the Woodstock Elite model is the spa for you.

This stunning seven-person hot tub offers the perfect place to bring loved ones together for an evening of relaxation and stimulating conversation while also creating an intimate atmosphere for one-on-one time.

With the dual loungers along one side, you can enjoy reconnecting with your partner after a busy week while you both enjoy full-body massages or turn down the heat and invite your kids into the water to share some quality family time.

However you wish to enjoy your spa sessions, the Woodstock Elite spa is up for the challenge.

The Euphoria

The last model on our list is the Euphoria hot tub, boasting an open seating design fit for seven.

This model includes five seats outfitted with H.O.T Zones, ensuring you can enjoy a different, customizable massage every day of the workweek.

With multi-height seats, everyone you invite to join you in the water will find a seat suited for them, no matter their height, ensuring everyone experiences the same quality hydrotherapy experience.

Featuring in-line sanitation and an ozonator for effortlessly clean water and full-foam insulation to maximize energy efficiency, the Euphoria elevates your experience beyond the luxury hydromassage.

Large Hot Tubs for Sale in New Jersey

Ready to take the plunge and invest in a whole new way to support your well-being?

At National Pools & Spas, we carry each of the spas listed above, and so many more, ensuring our showroom has something for everyone.

Visit one of our four showrooms across New Jersey, or contact your nearest location to learn more today.

Your new backyard oasis is right through our doors–let’s make your relaxation dreams a reality today!


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