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Professional Swimming Pool Service – 3 Best Benefits


Just like anything else, if you look after it well, your pool can last you for many enjoyable years. Unfortunately, maintaining your pool isn’t always as fun as using it.

If you’d rather focus on the fun side, or you simply don’t have time to perform maintenance, a professional pool service is the answer.

Professional swimming pool service can benefit your pool, family, and lifestyle in many ways, which is exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article.

3 Benefits of Professional Swimming Pool Service

Here are the 3 reasons why you need a professional swimming pool service.

1. Pool Opening

A professional will remove and clean your winter cover and perform a pool inspection. If repairs are needed, you will be consulted before any further work is done.

Once your pool is in tip-top shape, the technician will reconnect pool lines and equipment such as filters, pumps, and heaters as well as get the filtration system fired up.

Your pool technician will also check the pump, plugs, connections, and skimmer baskets for damage as well as reinstall stairs, ladders, or handrails.

Even if you don’t opt for weekly maintenance, we are huge proponents of a professional pool opening. When the process is done by an expert, you can be assured your pool season is getting off on the right foot. After all, nothing is worse than the warm weather arriving only to have problems crop up with your pool.

2. Weekly Maintenance

Keeping your pool’s water clean and system functional are easy when you rely on a professional for weekly maintenance.

Professional weekly pool service includes cleaning your pool and testing and balancing the water. A quick inspection will ensure your filter is working as it should – a key part of your pool functioning properly.

3. Closing Your Pool

Once temperatures cool, it’s time to prepare your pool for winter. The best way to do that is with a professional pool service because there are a lot of steps involved to make sure your pool is safe and protected from the coming cold temperatures.

Your technician will balance your water, clean your pool, clean equipment, drain your pool to the appropriate level, clean the pump and filter, blow out the lines and install a winter cover.

While some steps are relatively easy, others require quite a bit of expertise. Blowing out the lines, for example, is a crucial step that protects your pool’s inner workings and should be done by someone with experience.

This process, which removes water from pool lines, must be performed with just the right amount of pressure. 

Blast too much air through the pipes and the lines can be damaged. If not enough pressure is used, water can be left to freeze in them. The delicacy and skill required for this procedure make it a good one for a professional to tackle.

A regular maintenance schedule will help you avoid costly repairs for your pool and give it a longer lifespan. And what pool owner doesn’t want that?

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