Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends for 2016

We’re halfway through the year and already we see some pretty strong outdoor living trends developing here at National Pools and Spas. From outdoor rooms to contemporary water features, check out these top five outdoor living trends that are popping up all over New Jersey.

  1. Water features with a modern twist: Sleek pools are on the rise in NJ, and so too are water features to complement them. Unique waterfalls and fountains can be constructed within your outdoor pool area to enhance the entire outdoor living experience. With custom water features, you get a double benefit: they cool you off plus they sound relaxing. They can be stand-alone features or built right into the rocky landscape around the pool for a natural look.

  2. Xeriscaping: To boost water conservation, the whole purpose of xeriscaping is to include fewer grassy areas (that you don’t have to mow or water), strategic plant placement (utilizing plenty of shade to nix the need for so much watering), and the use of plants native to your areas, such as alpine violet and brown-eyed Susan. Other ways to xeriscape include grading and soil contouring that brings all available moisture to the place you need it most, such as a rain garden.

  3. LED lighting: Boasting both energy efficiency and increased safety, LED lights to come in a variety of colors and styles to illuminate not only the area around your pool but within it as well. The addition of lights to your pool area will increase the time you spend enjoying it in the evening hours, plus fun lights make everything, well, fun!

  4. Outdoor rooms: Believe it or not, the average American home is getting smaller. Whether due to diminishing budgets, less availability of sweeping parcels of land, or a desire for cozy living, more and more New Jersey homeowners are looking to downsize their interior living space yet maximize their outdoor areas. That means outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and entertainment rooms are becoming more popular. Why not bring the inside out, with complete kitchens, wet bars, lounges, soft comfy chairs, fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, and more?

  5. Knife-edge pools: For the ultimate in luxury, knife-edge pools are taking homeowners by storm. Also called a perimeter edge pool, the water in a knife-edge pool flows over on all sides rather than just one side for a smooth, mirror-like surface. Featuring four edges, the water flows into a groove directly along the edge, to result in a flat and precise appearance. A knife-edge pool is different from an infinity edge pool in that the infinity pools have one side built slightly lower than the others to allow water to fall over the side, giving it a floating appearance on the horizon.

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