Swimming Pool Yoga 101: Benefits, Poses & More

Yoga is a worldwide known form of relaxation. More and more people are getting initiated into it every day. It is a way or relaxing your mind and body at the same time. Swimming is the most popular water sport. Most people with swimming pools, enjoy bathing in the water to relax their bodies. When you combine these two practices, you get swimming pool yoga, which is one of the best things to happen to fans of both swimming and yoga.

What Are the Benefits Of Swimming Pool Yoga?

Practicing your yoga poses while in the water can be a fun and rewarding activity. Yoga involves breathing exercises, toning your body muscles, and relaxing your entire body, as well as practicing different poses.

When done in the pool, it means that you are doing all these while in the water. It is important to have balance and watch your step, especially for beginners. Some of the benefits of water yoga involve forming strong muscles, improving your cardiovascular health, and better breathing. Swimming pool yoga can also help reduce anxiety and control mental awareness at all times.

You may find that engaging in a relaxing pool yoga session can help you to sleep better at night, as your body is relieved from stress and your mind is free from the calming and peaceful atmosphere. Learning to balance in the water improves your overall balance and leaves you feeling more flexible than before.

Yoga Poses for the Swimming Pool

The yoga poses that one can practice inside a pool are divided into three. There are some for beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers.

For the beginners, some of the poses to try include Bharadvaja’s twist, the cat pose, the corpse pose, the child’s pose, the cobra pose, the cow pose, the bridge pose, and the chair pose. Some of these such as the corpse pose should only be done by people who cannot swim and thus float in water, if not, then they can practice with the help of another person standing over them.

For the intermediate, the poses include the warrior pose, the camel pose, the eagle pose, the boat pose, the dolphin plank pose, the bow pose, and the extended hand-to-big-toe pose. These are not easy, but neither are they that hard. A beginner should be able to catch up in no time.

The advanced lot poses include the lord of the dance pose, the warrior II pose, the shoulder-pressing pose, the lotus pose, and the side-reclining leg lift pose.

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