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Ultimate Pool Supplies Checklist


The ability to relax in your own backyard oasis is one that many people dream of! Floating around on a hot summer day, splashing around with your family, and inviting the neighborhood over for pool parties are just some of the great benefits that a private pool can offer.

In order to keep your pool in the best shape, it is important to complete routine maintenance. Having all the necessary pool supplies and items on hand will save you time, money, and effort when it comes to owning one of the best pools.

In this article, we have included a list of the more frequently used pool supplies!

Best Pool Chemicals to Keep You Balanced

Between the people that enjoy the pool, and the wildlife that surrounds it, keeping your swim area crystal clean can be a challenge. These pool chemicals will help to ensure a sanitary swim every time.

Pool Shock

Pool shock can also be referred to as super chlorination. This addition of chemicals helps to break down the build-up of chloramines. Naturally produces when chlorine is doing its job, chloramines can irritate your skin, and respiratory system.

Pool shock is the process of adding additional chemicals to your pool. This should be done once a week, and after heavy use (think, pool party). A pool supply store can outfit you with the proper chemicals and instructions to shock your pool.


Sanitizers are common pool chemicals that come in a few varieties. Their job is to ensure a safe and clean swimming experience for your pool users. To sanitize, you can use chlorine, bromine, biguanide, or minerals. Bromine, biguanide and minerals are all chlorine alternatives. To determine the correct amount to use, and what the best sanitizer is for you, speak to a specialist at a pool supply store.


Chlorine, often used as a sanitizer in pools, comes in two varieties. Stabilized chlorine has other chemicals added to it, to maintain its usefulness even in the sun. This allows stabilized chlorine to be effective up to five times longer, saving you time and money.

Unstabilized chlorine has no additives, making it sensitive to sunlight. Unstabilized chlorine is often used for pool shock, as this should be performed only at night.

Best Pool Accessories

Accessories like pool noodles, water wings and toys can help you to get the most out of your pool season. The best pools have a variety of accessories to both entertain and keep guests safe.

Flotation Devices

Available in tons of price points and sizes, these fun toys range from water wings to floating mattresses. Adding some fun and function to your pool, these “floaties” are always fun to have on hand. Sturdier ones can be found at a pool supply store, while more inexpensive varieties can be found in your local summer fun store.

Pool Noodles

Great for water fights, lazing around, and floating, pool noodles are a summer staple. Organize them in a storage container, to make sure they are in the best shape for all your guests.

Storage Container

Keeping your pool toys safe from the sun prolongs their life and will save you money in the long run. Having a storage container for these items also neatens up your home spa area and keeps them from being underfoot.

Pool Supplies for Ease of Cleaning

Pool Net

Used to remove debris such as leaves, twigs and feathers, a pool net or skimmer is an inexpensive way to ensure your pool stays clean.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

This handy addition to your pool supplies acts like the robot vacuum of the pool world. Your local pool supply store can recommend a good model that will clean your pool’s floor, and walls as well as any neglected nooks.

Pool Cover

The best way to ensure a clean pool stays clean, is to use a pool cover. As well as conserving heat and money, a pool cover is used to keep environmental debris from your sparkling oasis.

National Pools & Spas

These pool supplies are just some suggestions to help you get your pool summer-ready and save you money. One of our specialists here at National Pools & Spas would be happy to help you prepare to enjoy your pool.

Our experts are your best resource when researching pool supplies, chemicals, and accessories.  For more information on how to accessorize your pool, check out our blog.


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