5 Best Pool Renovation Ideas You Should Absolutely Consider

One of the best things about having your own home oasis is being able to customize it any which way you choose. Pool renovations can increase your enjoyment of your pool!

Customization and pool renovation can be dictated by your budget and often help if you are trying to upgrade your home.

Here are some pool renovation ideas to consider for your next project.

5 Best Pool Renovation Ideas You Should Consider

  1. Water Features
  2. New Liners
  3. Flowers and Ornamental Grasses
  4. Pool House
  5. Lighting

Now let’s discuss each one of these pool renovation ideas.

1. Water Features

A fan favorite of many pool owners, water features can contribute to a more relaxing atmosphere in your home environment. Meant to simulate a waterfall, the sounds of rushing water have the ability to transport your mind to a tropical island. Since relaxation is the name of the game, a water feature is practically a necessity.

The best pools often include some kind of water feature, which also allows a reduced pool size to appear larger! These features do not require a lot of space, so this renovation is one to consider if you have a small space.

2. New Liners

Nothing dresses up an old, tired pool like a brand-new liner! Available in many shapes and colors, there is one to fit all themes and tastes. An expert at a pool supply store can help you select the best options for you!

3. Flowers and Ornamental Grasses

Flowers and grasses are an inexpensive way to add a touch of nature to your pool, whether indoor or out. This greenery can be grown in pots, outdoor raised planters, or freely in beds around the pool. Some of the best pools have a bit of a natural feel, and these plants can help.

Some flowers and plants can be affected by pool chemicals, but with some research, and a trip to a greenhouse, you can grow them successfully.

4. Pool House

Pool houses are a super fun way to safely store your pool supplies and chemicals. The process of creating one, however, can be challenging. This is a larger renovation that may require a professional to help.

These miniature abodes can also be a unique way to entertain guests in less-than-perfect weather. Your own personal tastes can be tied into these structures, reflecting anything from the jungle to Southern grace. While pool houses can be a large investment, they are absolutely worth it!

5. Lighting

Underwater lighting is a great addition to any pool. These lights can make a smaller pool seem larger, and deeper. They can also be used to create an atmosphere. There are many varieties of underwater lights, some that flash, some that change color, and others that work with a timer.

Underwater lights make night swims safer and more enjoyable. New lighting can really brighten up an old pool!

National Pools

National Pools in New Jersey has experience with backyard upgrades and pool renovations of all kinds. Whether indoor or outdoor, they look forward to working with you. Their experienced staff has created some of the best pools for the most discerning clients.

Regardless of your budget, we can make suggestions to help you upgrade your home pool. Have your home spa be a reflection of your personality!

For more information on renovating your outdoor space, be sure to check out our blog.

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