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Your Complete List of Essential Hot Tub Supplies – Maximize Your Soak in New Jersey (2024)


Who knew that owning a hot tub would turn you into a part-time water chemist? Maintaining your oasis of relaxation doesn’t have to be complicated.

With the right hot tub supplies and a bit of know-how, you can keep your spa crystal clear and inviting without any fuss.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the essential hot tub supplies you’ll want to keep on hand to ensure your spot is always in peak condition!

hot tub supplies - ph test strips

Accessories for Water Testing

Testing your hot tub water regularly is essential to understand what chemicals need to be added to maintain a safe and balanced environment.

Test Strips and Digital Testers

Quick and easy tools for ensuring your hot tub’s chemical balance is within safe limits.

These hot tub supplies provide invaluable information to help ensure you can add the accurate treatment products to keep your water clean, clear, and inviting.

  • pH test strips: Allow you to check levels of pH, total alkalinity, and sanitizer quickly.
  • Digital testers: Provide more accurate readings for those who want a deeper analysis.

Regular testing, ideally 2-3 times each week, ensures that your hot tub is always ready for you to enjoy safely.

Water Hardness Test Kits

Managing water hardness is crucial to prevent scale buildup, which can damage your hot tub’s heating element and pump.

Depending on your local water supply, you may need to implement strategies, such as using a calcium hardness increaser, to make your water easier to balance after a refill.

Testing for calcium hardness each year helps you determine if you need to add chemicals to soften the water or increase the calcium levels.

Ideally, maintain calcium hardness levels between 75 and 150 ppm.

Understanding and managing water hardness not only prevents costly repairs and maintains the efficiency of your hot tub’s heating system, but also ensures maintaining your water quality is infinitely easier.

Hot Tub Supplies For Clean, Balanced Water

Balancing your hot tub’s water and keeping it free from bacteria is crucial for its longevity and your and your guests’ safety and comfort.

Improperly treated water can damage the hot tub components and create uncomfortable and even unsafe conditions, so the right mix of supplies is essential!

Here are the basic chemicals you need to keep your water in perfect balance.

pH Balancers

The pH level of your hot tub water reflects its overall acidity.

Water that’s too acidic (below 7.2) can result in corrosion throughout your spa and skin and eye irritation for your guests.

Too little acidity (above 7.8), and you may discover scale forming on your spa’s surfaces. This also reduces the effectiveness of your sanitizer, increasing the risk of bacteria developing in your water!

So, how do you keep your pH levels perfectly balanced between 7.2 and 7.8?

  • pH Increasers: This helps boost the acidity of your water, bringing pH back up to its ideal level.
  • pH Decreasers: When the pH swings too high, this treatment product helps decrease acidity, bringing your pH levels back down.

Regular monitoring with pH test strips or a digital tester can help you maintain the ideal range and add the correct products as needed.

Alkalinity Adjusters

Total alkalinity acts as a buffer for pH, making your balancing act a little easier. The alkalinity of your hot tub water should be kept firmly between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm). To adjust your alkalinity, you’ll need:

  • Alkalinity Increasers: Typically, sodium bicarbonate, which helps raise and stabilize the pH by buffering acidic water.

Maintaining total alkalinity prevents wild fluctuations in pH, making water maintenance easier and protecting the hot tub equipment from corrosion and scaling.


Sanitizers are the primary defense against bacteria and other pathogens that can thrive in warm water environments. There are a few different types of sanitizers on the market, with chlorine and bromine by far leading the charge.

  • Chlorine: Quick-acting and effective, ideal for sanitizing and keeping the water clear. Chlorine levels should be kept between 1-3 ppm.
  • Bromine: A softer but more costly alternative to chlorine, with less odor and gentle on sensitive skin. Bromine levels should remain between 3-5 ppm.

It’s important to choose a sanitizer that fits your personal preference, budget and hot tub usage, adjusting the levels according to usage frequency and number of users.

Clarifiers and Anti-Foam Agents

These additives address common visual issues in hot tub water but are not permanent fixes. Instead, they act as a temporary solution until you’re able to identify the root cause of the cloudy or foamy water.

  • Water clarifiers: Coagulate tiny particles into larger ones that can be filtered out, clearing up cloudy water.
  • Anti-foam agents: Reduce surface foam almost immediately, which is often caused by soap residues or body lotions.

Filter Cleaners

Filters capture and remove fine particles from your hot tub, but they can’t do their job if they’re dirty.

While a weekly rinse with your garden hose will effectively wash away any surface debris, a deeper clean once per month with a filter cleaner will help lift more heavily embedded debris and maximize the effectiveness and overall lifespan of your filter.

Consider replacing filters annually or biannually, depending on usage, to ensure efficiency.

Keeping filters clean not only improves water clarity but also reduces strain on your hot tub’s pump and heater, maintaining your spa’s energy efficiency.

hot tub supplies - cover care

Hot Tub Supplies to Clean Your Spa & Accessories

Physical cleaning tools are just as important as chemicals when it comes to maintaining your hot tub. Here’s what you need to keep your spa sparkling and in prime condition for years to come.

Scrub Brushes and Cleaning Mitts

Choosing the right tools can prevent damage to your hot tub’s interior while ensuring thorough cleaning.

  • Soft-bristled brushes: Ideal for scrubbing without scratching acrylic surfaces.
  • Cleaning mitts: Offer a gentle way to clean and polish the shell of your hot tub.

Using these tools during your regular cleaning schedule helps prevent algae and build-up of grime, making chemical maintenance more effective.

During your quarterly drain and deep clean, pair these tools with a hot tub shell cleaner to easily clear away lingering contaminants and debris clinging to the surface of your shell.

Vacuums and Sponges

Debris, like leaves, dirt, and small insects, can find their way into your hot tub while you’re enjoying a relaxing soak and should be removed regularly to prevent filter clogging and water quality issues.

  • Absorbent sponges: Good for soaking up oils and residue from the water’s surface after you’ve finished your session. Alternatively, you can use tennis balls to achieve similar results.
  • Handheld vacuums (optional): Designed for water use, they can suction out debris from the bottom and corners between deep cleans.

Incorporating these tools into your cleaning routine ensures your hot tub remains pristine and inviting between deep cleans while reducing the demand on your water treatment products.

Cover Cleaners and Protectors

Your hot tub cover is your first line of defense against external contaminants anytime your spa is not in use.

Regular use of cover cleaner and protectant sprays can prevent UV damage, extending the life of your cover.

Maintaining your cover not only keeps your hot tub clean but also enhances its energy efficiency by providing better insulation for longer periods of time.

Hot Tub Supplies in New Jersey at National Pools & Spas

From water care basics to cleaning essential accessories, having the right hot tub supplies ensures that your spa is always a safe, clean, and inviting space.

Regular maintenance using the right tools and supplies can prevent the majority of hot tub issues before they become problematic, saving you time and money.

Are you ready to enjoy the perfect hot tub experience every time? Contact the professionals at National Pools & Spas for expert advice on the best supplies and maintenance practices.

Dive into better hot tub living today, and let us help you keep your hot tub at its best!


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