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6 Best Small Hot Tubs In New Jersey For Intimate Escapes


Are you dreaming of a hot tub but are feeling restricted by a smaller backyard?

If you think you need a large backyard to enjoy the many therapeutic benefits home spas offer, think again!

Hot tubs come in many sizes, with small hot tubs being designed with compact spaces in mind, making the most of your valuable free space.

Curious about your options?

Then keep reading! In this article, we’re exploring six luxury small hot tubs by two industry leading brands.

By the end, we’re sure you’ll have some models you’ll be dying to explore in person. Read on and take the plunge into the wonderful world of hot tubs!

Benefits of Small Hot Tubs

Before we jump right into the best models, let’s explore what makes small hot tubs so uniquely beneficial.

Of course, having the capability to comfortably fit into smaller backyards is certainly the leading factor for these models, but they have so much more to offer!


With the various sizes, features, and collections, hot tubs have a wide range of price points.

Size is one of the most influential factors in the cost of your spa, with smaller units often being much more affordable than their larger counterparts.

Not only does selecting a smaller model make it easier to remain within your budget, but it can also help you enjoy premium features without the higher cost!

Easy to Install Indoors or Outdoors

Smaller hot tubs offer more flexibility when it comes to where you can install them, making them particularly appealing for those seeking an indoor installation.

Now, of course, you could install a larger hot tub inside, but there’s no getting around the fact that your selected hot tub has to fit through the doorway unless you’re building the room around your hot tub.

Most people thinking of an indoor install, however, already have a room in mind, and your spa will need to fit through a pre-existing entrance.

Small hot tubs are clearly the best choice for these situations, being much more likely to fit through your doorway than a larger model.

Perfect for Small Families, Couples, and Singles Alike

Speaking of flexibility, small hot tubs are perfect for nearly everyone.

Many of these models offer seating for three, ensuring they maintain their small footprint without compromising shareability.

These spas are perfect for couples who want a quiet place to reconnect in bliss, or anyone who wants to transform their self-care routine, but they’re also a welcoming space for smaller families.

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3 Premium Small Hot Tubs From Sundance®️ Spas

Now comes the fun part: exploring your options!

At National Pools & Spas, we carry hot tubs from two leading brands: Sundance®️ Spas and Marquis®️ Spas.

Both of these brands boast premium designs, high-quality materials, and innovative features that’ll have you counting down the minutes between soaks.

Let’s start with three models offered by Sundance®️ Spas.

The Alicia™️ Spa

Designed with a lounger and two captain chairs, the Alicia™️ spa effortlessly matches your every need, and with a footprint of 80” by 69”, this model can complement any space.

Enjoy lively conversations with your closest loved ones, or escape for a moment of quiet relaxation as you sink into the lounger.

Outfitted with the CLEARRAY®️ Active Oxygen™️ System, keeping your water clean and clear will be simple.

Using the same technology used in hospitals and water treatment plants, this system combines oxygen and UV-C light to break down bacteria for cleaner water with fewer chemicals.

Featuring a RigidBond™️ Shell and Stainless Steel Jet Trim, the Alicia™️ model was built to withstand the test of time, while offering a premium hydromassage experience.

The Dover™️ Model

For something slightly more luxurious, the Dover™️ hot tub offers the same style of seating but includes upgraded jets for enhanced hydrotherapy.

Featuring the series-exclusive SMT Seat, you can experience a hydromassage that kneads aching muscles from your neck to your hips, easing back pain and tension.

With its low-profile design, this spa not only complements most backyards but is also easy to get in and out of, making it perfect for people of all ages.

To make this model even more user-friendly, the Dover™️ spa comes with one of two power supply units.

One of these is a 120v system that makes it possible to plug your spa directly into a standard outlet for effortless setup without the need to run a dedicated line!

The Capri®️ Spa

Last on the list for this brand, is the Capri®️ model.

If you were hoping for a compact unit that could offer a full-body massage, this is the model for you.

The lounger features twin columns of jets to provide a deep tissue massage to the major muscles in your back, while targeted jets ease lower back and hip pain.

Additionally, this seat includes precision jets to treat aching wrists, weary calves, and exhausted feet, to leave you relaxed from head to toe.

To elevate your sessions even further, the Capri®️ model includes the series-exclusive Silent Air®️ Injector Jets.

While these jets offer a unique massage experience, what truly sets them apart is the inclusion of SunScents technology, an exclusive built-in aromatherapy system!

As bubbles break the surface of the water, they’ll send plumes of your chosen aromatic into the air, tantalizing your senses to bring your therapeutic benefits to new heights.

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3 Stunning Compact Hot Tubs From Marquis®️ Spas

Next up, small hot tubs from Marquis®️ Spas!

The Spirit

Are you looking for a spa that gives you complete control over your daily spa session?

Look no further than The Spirit hot tub! This spa features a unique design that allows you to easily adjust which jets are activated each time you step into the water.

The H.O.T Zone Therapy system features two different types of jets:

  1. High Output Therapy (H.O.T) Zone jets
  2. Regal Hydrokinetic (RHK) jets

H.O.T zone jets were thoughtfully designed to target big muscle groups with larger jets, providing a deep tissue massage to banish tension and tightness.

The RHK jets, on the other hand, provide a massive flow of water with three different sensations to choose from: Target Touch, Pulse Touch, and Multi-Touch, making it possible to explore a different style of massage every day of the week!

While The Spirit hot tub maintains a small footprint of just 85” by 66”, it offers the most seating out of every model in this article, with its curved design making its spacious interior suitable for four.

The Nashville Elite

Did the idea of a plug-and-play hot tub pique your interest but the Dover™️ spa didn’t quite match what you’ve been envisioning?

The Nashville Elite hot tub may be just what you’re looking for.

This 120-volt plug-and-play spa offers effortless installation, without compromising on the powerful hydromassage you can experience.

The lounger features various clusters of jets to massage every muscle from your shoulders to your toes to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The two captain seats along the other side of the spa provide the perfect place to reconnect with your partner after a long week as you both enjoy soothing back massages.

The Nashville Elite hot tub is sure to captivate guests while giving your self-care routine the boost it deserves!


The last hot tub on our list is the V65L hot tub, a three-person spa that boasts a unique style that’ll quickly catch the attention of everyone who walks into your space.

Much like the model listed above, the V65L hot tub is a plug-and-play model for simplified installation, but boasts one feature that makes it truly stand apart: the interchangeable Jetpods!

Throughout this model, you’ll discover customization unlike any other.

Easily swap out various Jetpods lining the seats for others that offer a different type of hydromassage.

Not only does this ensure your spa can expertly target your pain points no matter how they fluctuate, but also makes every soak in your spa as surprising as the next!

With the V65L hot tub, you can embrace a perfectly tailored massage to meet your ever-changing needs day-to-day.

FAQs About Small Hot Tubs

Are small hot tubs cheaper to run?

Due to their smaller size, smaller hot tubs require less energy to maintain the warmth of the water, and with fewer jets, your system won’t need to work as hard to fire them all up.

This often leads to more affordable operational costs.

How small can a hot tub be?

Some of the smallest hot tubs only seat one person, but more commonly, compact hot tubs are designed to seat three adults comfortably.

With that said, every brand has its own limit when it comes to the smallest size model in their lineup of spas.

Small Hot Tubs for Sale in Lawrenceville & Robbinsville, New Jersey

Are you ready to embrace cozy comfort with one of the small hot tubs listed above?

Whether you found one leaping off the screen or are curious about the other models out there, the experts at National Pools & Spas are here to help!

With four locations throughout New Jersey, including FlemingtonHillsboroughLawrenceville, and Robbinsville, our team is right around the corner!

Visit your nearest showroom today to discover your dream hot tub!


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