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4 Above-Ground Pool Installation Ideas For This Season


The allure of having your very own swimming pool in your backyard is undeniable. It’s a place for relaxation, exercise, and endless family fun.

However, the cost and complexity of in-ground pools can be daunting. That’s where above-ground pool installations come in as a fantastic alternative.

Not only are these pools ultra-affordable, but they can become a stunning centerpiece for your outdoor space, promising refreshing fun each time you step outside!

If you’ve been considering adding an above-ground pool to your backyard and want some inspiration on how to seamlessly integrate it into your existing space, read on!

Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about how to prepare for and elevate your above-ground pool installation.

Let’s get started!

How to Prepare for Your Above-Ground Pool Installation

A beautiful pool installation all starts with the right preparation.

Installing an above-ground pool involves more than just choosing a spot in your yard and setting it up.

It takes forethought, careful planning, and the right steps to ensure your new pool complements your space without deterring from the existing appeal.

Choose the Right Location

Your above-ground pool installation begins with choosing the perfect location in your backyard.

This decision sets the stage for how your pool will fit in with the existing structures in your backyard.

Start by assessing the available space, considering factors like the size and shape of your yard.

Do you have enough room for the pool size you desire?

Would an oval or round pool best suit the layout of your yard?

Another crucial factor to consider is the amount of sun your pool will be exposed to. Most people prefer their pool to bask in sunlight, but you may also want some shaded areas nearby for relaxation.

Shade isn’t just for relaxation, however. It also helps keep maintenance to a minimum, ensuring the sun can’t break down your sanitizer faster than expected.

Prepare the Ground

Once you’ve chosen the ideal location, it’s time to prepare the ground.

Proper ground preparation is essential to ensure the stability and longevity of your above-ground pool installation.

Clean the Area

Start by clearing the installation area of any debris, rocks, or vegetation. Even small stones can cause damage to the pool liner over time, so thorough cleaning is crucial.

Make it Level

Uneven ground can lead to structural issues and an improperly balanced pool.

Taking time to make it level will help ensure the pressure from the water is evenly distributed, reducing the risk of unexpected damage over time.

Consider a Base

Adding a layer of sand or a specialized pool base can help provide your new pool with the solid, level foundation it needs to maintain its pristine condition after it’s installed.

Sand is a great option and provides a cushioned foundation that helps protect the pool liner from sharp objects or rough terrain.

By paying attention to these details before installation, you’ll set the stage for a stable and long-lasting above-ground pool that can provide years of fun and laughter.

Select the Right Pool

The type of pool you choose will play a significant role in both your enjoyment and the longevity of your investment.

It’ll also influence the aesthetic and overall comfort of your backyard space. To help you find the right fit for your backyard, there are a few aspects you’ll want to consider.

Round vs. Oval Pools

The choice between round and oval pools often comes down to personal preference and available space.

Round pools are great for smaller yards, while oval pools are ideal for maximizing space in larger yards.

Consider the shape of your yard and how you envision your pool fitting into the space. Most importantly, measure your space before making your choice!

Material Options

Above-ground pools come in different materials, including metal, resin, and hybrid options, and each one has its own advantages.

Metal pools are known for their strength and durability, while resin pools are corrosion-resistant and require less maintenance.

Hybrid pools combine the best of both worlds and have become a popular option for many homeowners.

Overall Cost

While above-ground pools are certainly more affordable than their in-ground counterparts, you’ll still need to have a budget in mind before you begin exploring your options.

This will help ensure you find one you can enjoy stress-free without any financial stress.

For help narrowing down your financial options or discussing financing, talk to our staff, and they’ll be happy to explore your options with you!

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4 Ways to Amplify Your Above-Ground Pool Installation

Your pool is a relaxing oasis that provides a refreshing escape from the summer heat, but let’s be honest; your above-ground pool installation plays a big role in how well your pool fits into your space.

If you’re looking to truly make your backyard one of a kind and have it reflect the dreamy aesthetic you’ve envisioned, there are plenty of ways to bring it to life!

1. Pool Decking and Surroundings

Enhancing the area around your above-ground pool installation is not only about aesthetics but also functionality and safety. This is where a deck comes in!

There are various materials to choose from for your pool deck, and it’s important to consider a few factors when choosing your decking material:

  • Water resistance
  • Longevity
  • Texture
  • Maintenance needs

Wood decks have a classic, natural look but may require regular maintenance to withstand the splashing water, such as resealing it every couple years.

Composite decking offers durability and low maintenance, while also being more water resistant than traditional wood.

Lastly, concrete or paver stones provide a solid and customizable surface, while having a naturally textured surface to help maintain your footing even when wet.

Your deck is about more than simply adding a touch of style to your pool. It’s also a great way to extend the usable space in your backyard!

Think of adding patio furniture to bring people together while the kids play, or add a BBQ to make summer cookouts even more exciting!

2. Landscaping and Aesthetics

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having an above-ground pool is creating a stunning visual oasis in your backyard. Landscape elements play a crucial role in helping you achieve this.

Landscaping can include a variety of aspects, from shrubs and plants to lighting options.


Carefully chosen plants and shrubs can complement the pool’s aesthetics and provide shade and privacy.

Opt for tall, leafy trees to create a natural shady barrier between you and the outside world, or consider dense jasmine bushes to add a hint of aromatics while amping up your privacy.

The right combination of plants can transform your pool area into a lush paradise.


Lighting is a key element in creating ambiance around your pool.

Well-placed outdoor lighting can make your pool area come alive after the sun goes down.

Whether it’s the slight hue of LED lighting alongside the pool’s edge, hanging string lights over your seating area, or dim pathway lights, there are plenty of ways to incorporate lights to create a luxury escape.

3. Pool Accessories

To truly enjoy your above-ground pool to the fullest, you’ll want to consider the various pool accessories available to amp up your time in the water.

Not all pool accessories were created equal, with some being more functional while others offer pure fun.

One of the best functional accessories to add to your pool is a pool heater.

Not only will this keep your water welcoming, but it’ll make it easier to maximize the effectiveness of your water treatment products.

Best of all, it can help extend your swim season farther into the fall.

When it comes to elements that aim to bring endless fun to your pool, there are plenty of options.

From pool noodles, and snorkel sets, to waterproof speakers and pool floats, transforming your pool into a private water park won’t be hard!

4. Safety Measures

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to pool ownership and should be given some serious consideration before installing your new pool.

Some of the most common and effective safety options to include in your installation include:

  • Fencing and gates
  • Covers
  • Alarms
  • Anti-slip mats or decking

Fencing and Gates

One of the most effective safety measures is to install a pool fence with self-closing and self-latching gates.

This can help prevent children and pets from getting into the pool unattended.

Pool Covers

Anytime the pool is not being used, a pool cover should be used.

Durable pool covers with locks can create a strong barrier above your water, reducing the risk of anyone accidentally falling into the water.

With the right cover, you can easily enhance the safety of your pool, while keeping debris at bay for easier maintenance.


Pool alarms are another valuable safety tool, alerting you if someone enters the pool area unexpectedly.

While this will help ensure you’re alerted should adventurous neighbors decide on a midnight swim, it’ll also ensure you’re quickly alerted should your children end up in the pool area without asking.

Ultimately, the best safety measure is ensuring expectations are set and rules are followed.

Above-Ground Pool Installation in New Jersey

National Pools & Spas is your trusted partner in realizing the dream of having an above-ground pool in your backyard.

From selecting the perfect location to maintaining your pool for years to come, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our dedication to excellent customer service and top-notch products makes us the go-to destination for hot tubs, and pools in New Jersey.

Get started today, and let us turn your vision into a reality. Contact us or visit us at our Flemington, Hillsborough, Lawrenceville, or Robbinsville showrooms to begin your above-ground pool journey today!


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