Why is my Pool Water Cloudy?

Why is my Pool Water Cloudy?

Cloudy pool water is the bane of any pool owner’s existence. No one wants to get up in the morning ready for a fun day in the pool only to find out the water is cloudy with no clear view to the bottom. What to do? It may not happen right away, but clearing up that water is certainly possible. You just need some time, patience and the right products. It’s important to address this problem right away, as cloudy water is more than just an eyesore: it can also irritate the eyes of swimmers and lead to short filter cycles which necessitates the need for regular cartridge cleaning.

Don’t fret: even the best maintained pools can can develop cloudy pool water, even overnight. Heed these tips to start seeing clearly again.

Cloudy pool water – Why is this Happening?

Before you can clear up the pool, it’s helpful to know why you have cloudy water in the first place. Many things could be to blame:

  • Pool chemicals: When your water experiences high alkalinity, extremely high or low chlorine and other sanitizer levels, high pH and high calcium hardness, cloudiness can result.
  • Filter issues: If your filter isn’t running properly or not long enough (should be operating between eight and 10 hours each day), it won’t be able to sufficiently clean the pool water. Thus, the water gets stagnant and develops a cloudy quality.
  • Surrounding environment: Things in the immediate environment around your pool can contribute to its cloudiness such as a bird droppings, tree sap, excessive rain, pollen, sun, swimmers with sunscreen, and algae.
  • Post-shocking. This common affliction, as a result of shocking your pool, should clear on its own but be sure to keep the filter running to help it along.

There are many ways you can address Cloudy pool water. Make sure the chemicals are balanced first by testing the water.

  • Use a pool water clarifier weekly, which can collect the nasty particles that are contributing to the cloudiness and bind them together. This makes it easier for your filter to pick them up and get rid of them. This product works similarly to a coagulant, “clotting” particles together so they are easily trapped.
  • Use a flocculant for quicker clearing. This product can get your water clear virtually overnight but it’s time consuming and takes a lot of work. This will gather all the cloudy water particles together, and will settle to the bottom where you can manually vacuum the cloud right up. Don’t rely on an automatic pool cleaner, which will simply blow the cloud around. Set the filter on the waste or backwash setting and remove the drain plug if using a cartridge filter. Vacuum the offending water out of your pool rather than through the filter which could clog up and pass that dirty water back into the pool. This will cause a bit of water loss so be sure to run fresh water back into the pool.

Need help with the above steps? Call National Pools and Spas and our team will come out to assist you!

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