What to consider before getting a pool?

How will a Swimming Pool fit my yard?

Before contacting one of our custom pool specialists, take stock of your backyard and how much space you can realistically allocate to a swimming pool. Consider using a long garden hose to outline the ideal shape of a swimming pool. If you have an in-ground pool, remember to allow enough room for the concrete that will surround the pool and the filtration system. We recommend that the pool use up no more than 75 percent of your backyard.

Do I need a backyard renovation?

Installing a swimming pool can throw off the d├ęcor and layout of your backyard, so we recommend renovating yard either during or after the pool construction. Design an area around the pool where you can pour concrete and place chairs, and be sure there is enough room for grass and other green areas.

In-Ground and Above Ground?

In-ground pools are permanent and can add value to your home, but they are more expensive to install. Above ground pools are easier and less expensive to install, but can require a bit more maintenance. And although above-ground pools do not add any value to a home, they are ideal as a temporary solution for tighter budgets and colder climates.

The pool construction company you choose makes a big difference in the longevity of the pool and how long it takes to install. At National Pools and Spas of New Jersey we have more than 60 years of experience designing, installing, and servicing swimming pools.

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