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If you’ve been contemplating a hot tub purchase, congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life, knowing you’re investing in a stress reliever that brings with it so many recreational and health benefits. But it’s important to do thorough research before handing over your credit card. Here are seven tips to guide you in your purchasing process:

  1. Research the company. Before you can buy a hot tub you can rely on, you have to make sure you can trust the company selling it. Find out how many years they’ve been in business, research their reputation on social media, check out reviews and ask around. A hot tub dealer with a great reputation will take you far.
  2. Ask for references. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and references from their previous or existing customers. Ask those references how they’re enjoying their hot tub, what the experience was like working with the sales associates, and whether or not they would work with that company again. The answers could be very telling.
  3. Avoid big box stores. Sure, the prices for hot tubs by those big box retailers may seem cheap but they’re cheap for a reason. The model you are looking at is likely an off-brand or bare-bones version of the top manufacturers. You may find that in reality, you’re dealing with a noisy unit, one that breaks down frequently, or one that doesn’t have enough insulation. Remember: you get what you pay for.
  4. Likewise, stay away from tent and parking lot sales. Just like carnivals, these guys often set up for a huge sale on a weekend, push the sales, then disappear – only to move onto the next city and the next victim. Good luck finding them again if you have an issue with your unit! A reputable dealer doesn’t want to rush you, and will always be in the same storefront location should you need additional assistance.
  5. Check out hot tub models for ideas online but buy in the store. Just like clothing, appliances and cars, you want to be able to touch, see and feel a hot tub in person before making such a big commitment. By visiting a showroom, you can take a test soak, determine the quality and ask questions of personnel.
  6. Be careful about the extras. Many sub-par companies may sell you extra services such as leveling, on-site installation, and new hot tub owner orientation. Those services should be included in your overall price, so don’t get taken for a ride.
  7. Look at the total cost. As with any major purchase, the sticker price isn’t all you have to pay for as the new owner of a hot tub or spa. Be sure to consider all associated costs, from chemicals and energy costs to delivery charges and accessories such as covers.

Being a savvy shopper when it comes to hot tubs means you can feel good about your final decision!

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