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Pool & Spa Supplies

At National Pools & Spas, we carry the top brands in supplies for your pool.

We stock only the highest quality products to help you maintain and enjoy your pool, hot tub or swim spa. Whether you have a chlorine or salt-based chlorination system, our staff can help you with the right mix of chemicals to keep your water clear and your family swimming all summer.  Both of our locations also stock accessories like pool and spa covers, toys/games, rafts and masks or goggles.  Our parts department can also help you with filters, tablet dispensers, pumps and other equipment like skimmers and vacuums .

Visit one of our locations
for all of your pool & spa supply needs.



Having trouble getting rid of that murky water? Come visit either of our locations, get your water tested and pick up the right mix of chemicals to balance and clear up your water.


At National pools we offer the highest quality of chlorine and non-chlorine based products available.


Our chlorine tablets outperform generic tablets by 2-to-1.  They are individually wrapped and contain 99% active ingredient so you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.

Revacil, Aqua Finesse, and Nature 2 products offer an alternative to chlorine. that does not irritate skin or eyes and is not affected by the sun. Pools that use these products can expect their equipment to last much longer. With shorter down time and a softer feel, you can be enjoying your pool or spa instead of working on it.

Salt System

Low on maintenance, high on comfort – Our salt system by Pentair uses salt to produce all the chlorine you pool needs. It provides the same sanitation as chlorine without the drawbacks of PH fluctuation, itchy eyes and skin, and overall equipment degradation.

Spas Chemicals

Bromine has been the standard for spa sanitation and is similar to Chlorine for your spa. We also offer Revacil, Aqua finesse and Nature 2 products to keep your spa clean and clear. The Nature 2 and Aqua finesse programs offer you a way to maintain your spa with as little as 5 minutes a month.

Parts, Equipment & Accessories

Our Parts Department

Each of our locations has a dedicated parts department that can help you diagnose issues with your pool and order the right pumps, hoses and filters to keep your pool running.

Equipment & Gear

Visit either of our stores to see our selection of vacuums, skimmers, filters, pump baskets, safety covers, tablet dispensers and other equipment to keep your pool or spa clean.

Fun & Accessories

Bring the whole family and pick up some games, toys, rafts, goggles, masks, fins and more to ensure your enjoy swimming all summer long.