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Hot Tubs & Spas

Hot tubs remain a favorite for families, parties and personal use. Heat and massaging jets work to relax muscles, relieve pressure on nerves, boost circulation and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Spas help promote relaxation and release stress. They are very easy to maintain, taking as little as 5 minutes a month, and while you may be kept out of a pool for 9 months of the year, your spa can be used all year around.

Whether you’re looking for a small spa for yourself, or one that can fit the entire family, come visit our spa showroom locations in Robbinsville or Hillsborough, New Jersey or reach out to one of our spa specialists.

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Swim Spas offer the best of both worlds…

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Swim Spas are well suited for anyone with fitness, therapy or relaxation in mind.  You can easily hop in and turn the jets on for the typical comforts of a traditional spa or dial the current up and the temperature down for a swim.  Swim spas are highly adjustable for swimmers of any level, making them a great choice, even for families.


Taking a fraction of the space of a traditional swimming pool, swim spas allow you enjoy a swim even with a backyard that has limited space. While compact in size, many swim spas can still comfortable hold 10 or more people while used as a spa.