Tips for Selecting Your Fiberglass Pool

Tips for Selecting Your Fiberglass Pool - If you’ve made the decision to purchase a fiberglass pool for your New Jersey yard, congratulations. It’s a great choice because it’s affordable, versatile and durable giving you many years of lasting service. First, determine the intended use. From water sports with the kids to laps to [...]

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Top 7 Winter Hot Tub Tips – Hot Tub NJ

Top 7 Winter Hot Tub Tips - The best season for a hot tub is winter – despite the cold air temps, you can immerse yourself in the hot water and bubbling jets for a relaxing, stress-free experience. Check out these seven tips to maximize the use of your winter hot tub. Stay warm. In [...]

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Hot Tub Closing Tips

Hot Tub Closing Tips - If you’re faced with closing your hot tub at the end of the season, you’ll need to properly close it down. Perhaps you’re a snow bird and are closing up the house for the winter as you retreat to your Florida home for six months. Or maybe you just need [...]

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Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends for 2016

We’re halfway through the year and already we see some pretty strong outdoor living trends developing here at National Pools and Spas. From outdoor rooms to contemporary water features, check out these top five outdoor living trends that are popping up all over New Jersey. Water features with a modern twist: Sleek pools are on [...]

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Pool Maintenance for NJ Home Owners

Pool Maintenance for NJ Home Owners - As the proud owner of a pool in New Jersey, you know the upkeep that goes into keeping a safe, clear and refreshing entertainment hub for your family and friends. That includes cleaning the pool regularly, balancing the chemicals and making repairs as needed. Here are some areas [...]

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5 Tips on Selecting a Pool Contractor

5 Tips on Selecting a Pool Contractor - Looking to install an inground pool in your New Jersey backyard? This can be an exciting prospect, but first you have to find a pool contractor that won’t take you for a ride. This decision can be a stressful one, but if you do your research it [...]

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Why is my Pool Water Cloudy?

Why is my Pool Water Cloudy? Cloudy pool water is the bane of any pool owner’s existence. No one wants to get up in the morning ready for a fun day in the pool only to find out the water is cloudy with no clear view to the bottom. What to do? It may not [...]

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