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Pool Opening Form

Complete our online pool opening form or download the contract (below) and a representative will contact you to confirm dates, services and your deposit.

Pool Opening Contract Download:  National Pools Spring 2017 Catalog

  • Opening Date

  • National will provide as follows:

  • Remove and fold cover • start up filter • check for leaks • add start up chemicals • install handrails and ladders.

    Does not include washing cover or putting cover away!

    National Pools & Spas is not liable for damage due to freezing or normal wear and tear. Owner agrees to pay for any additional work or materials agreed upon by owner and National Pools. Additional services not included in contract will be billed at time and material.
  • Owner is responsible for:

  • Water level (must be at middle of skimmer) • Removal of water from cover Accessories to be left out (i.e.: ladder, handrails, etc.) • Electric to be turned on and DE to be left out

    Due to popular demand, START UP CHEMICALS (SHOCK & ALGAECIDE) are now included with opening price. Additional chemical treatment may be required at homeowner’s expense.
  • Price List

    Combo Includes opening waterfall and infloor cleaning system at no charge.
    Anything over 2 heads
    Anything over 2 heads
  • Price: $0.00
  • $0.00
  • Free Delivery at time of opening - 50% Deposit Required

    A 50% deposit is required prior to pool opening. A representative will contact you regarding payment.
  • Additional Items

    Additional Items like Diatomaceous Earth, Revacil Kit, Chlorine Kit, leaf removal, Filter Cleaning, or general service can be added when speaking with a National Pools and Spas representative.