NJ Hot Tub Buying Guide

NJ Hot Tub Buying Guide

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of coming home after a long day of work or shuttling the kids around to soak in hot water and warm jets, letting the stress melt away. Or maybe you’re a runner who needs a little relief in the muscles before or after a good workout. Or perhaps you just love to entertain out in your pool area with friends on warm summer nights.

Whatever the reason, you may need help with where to start. That’s why we’ve come up with this buying guide to show you what you need to consider when making the all-important decision of buying a hot tub or spa in New Jersey.

What Features do you Want?

When researching the best type of outdoor hot tub you want, it becomes necessary to think about how you intend to use it. How many people do you intend to fit in it at once? If you and your spouse plan to be the primary ones to use it or even a very small family, you won’t need as much seating as if you’re the neighborhood block destination on party nights. Our Sundance and Marquis spas are available with a variety of seating options designed to fit your lifestyle.

Jet Placement

Seating and jet placement go hand in hand. Because each seat contains different types and configurations of jets to target different areas of the body, you’ll have to take into consideration how many jets you want and what their location should be. For example, if you suffer from frequent neck aches, you’ll want jets placed near the top; if you have a bad lower back, you’ll want them positioned toward the bottom of the seats. That said, no matter which areas of your body need attention, our hot tub hydrotherapy tubs have specialized seats and jets that give you the relief you need.

Placement of the Hot Tub

Think about where you want your hot tub placed, whether a standalone unit on your patio, or one that complements your inground pool. Do you want to be able to use it in the winter months? If so, you may want to place it near your back door, patio or sunroom so you can easily slip in and out when the weather outside is chilly.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Aside from the tub itself, you may want to add on extra features or accessories to increase the enjoyment of your spa. You can choose from a wide variety of synthetic steps, lifters, aromatherapy oils, purification systems, spa covers and other extras so you can customize your spa experience the way YOU want.

Hopefully this hot tub buying guide has been helpful. Please call National Pools and Spas if you require additional assistance. Our customer service reps are available any time to help you make your spa selection.


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